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Cartier - Precious Garage

Manhattan, New York

Role: Project Manager | Fabricator 

Fabrication: Supermatic Studio

Lead Fabricator: Bryan Volta

Designer: David Stark Design

Photos: Bryan Volta

The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York City, a new concept—Cartier Precious Garage—launched just in time for New York Fashion Week. The Precious Garage is all about showcasing the latest additions to the Parisian brand’s iconic Juste un Clou and Écrou de Cartier collections. The assortments of indispensable nails, nuts and bolts celebrate some of the most free- spirited, “ordinary becomes extraordinary” pieces of jewelry from the Maison. During the entire month of September, visitors to the Fifth Avenue Mansion can witness the Cartier Precious Garage theme, which will later become a traveling pop-up experience in both Seattle and Nashville.


The entirely fabricated custom glass and polished brass vitrines were designed, shop drawings created, and prototyping started immediately. The exhibition created an exciting juxtaposition between industry and luxury. The precious vitrines were seating within shop tools finished uniformly in a matte black spray lacquer. The finished product had to be just as detailed and seamlessly luxury as the jewels they housed. 

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