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DWR x Entireworld

Manhattan, New York

Role: Project Manager | Fabrication

Fabrication: Supermatic Studio

Lead Fabricator: Bobby Baumann

Client: Entireworld

Furniture: Design Within Reach

Photos: Collin Armstrong

Dome Life is an homage to the geodesic dome – Buckminster Fuller’s iteration of a modern, democratic, sustainable and radical shelter dreamed up 70 years ago – and this crazy idea that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. The domes come to life with a curated selection of Design Within Reach furniture, lighting and ephemera designed by Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Jens Risom, Inga Sempé and others.


Dome Type 1: Dome Home – A blank slate, the exterior is clad with wood frames stretched with natural canvas speaking to the  essential materiality displayed on the interior, including classics from Hans Wegner, George Nelson and Alvar Aalto alongside a Buckminster Fuller library.


Dome Type 2: Reflection Dome – Tessellating mirrored panels form a unique dressing room experience, which highlights the playful furniture and accessories of Charles and Ray Eames, Thomas Heatherwick and Alexander Girard.


Dome Type 3: Greenhouse – An open dome housing all things green. Flora and furniture inside and out, including lighting from Inga Sempé and Serge Mouille, demonstrate how the design of geodesic domes intended to harmonize natural and built environments.

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