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Rosewood - Little Dix Bay

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Role: Project Manager of Design and Construction

Interior Designer: Meyer Davis

Architect: OBMI

Photos: K.Hayden

When Laurance Rockefeller first encountered Virgin Gorda, the island was home to a struggling agricultural community. In 1958, the conservationist began buying up land with the dream of establishing a resort in harmony with nature. He chose a sandy crescent bay, dubbing it the "wilderness beach" for the site of his environmentally minded endeavor. When it opened in 1964, Little Dix Bay represented a new style of an island retreat. The hideaway featured cottages tucked unobtrusively into the surrounding landscape, just steps from a pristine white-sand beach that would quickly earn a reputation as one of the finest in the world.


The legendary property closed to undergo a multi-million-dollar renovation and recovery from the devastating Hurricane Irma. In keeping with Rockefeller’s original vision, the re-imagined resort is still composed of a limited number of structures positioned to follow the lines of the landscape. Local cultural motifs and indigenous materials have been incorporated into the resort’s architecture, and the interiors reflect the spirit of the mid-century modern design movement, which prevailed at the time of the resort’s inception.

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