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SCOPE Basel - Clarahuus

Basel, Switzerland

Role: Director of Operations | Exhibition Designer


SCOPE Art Fair in Basel solidified its future with a long-term investment in the city’s rich culture. The location of the show changed its name from previously Clarahuus into SCOPE | Haus but remains a host of creative events that complement the thriving contemporary art, music, architecture, and design scene in the city. SCOPE Haus is an exhibition hall developed to house installations and cultural events year-round in the center of the city, becoming a catalyst for creative emerging energy. The visitors can also see unique installations and experience activations from cultural partnerships as the three floored venue offers unique perspectives of the city with an open plan. The entrance to the space is situated in the city's red-light district, providing a provocative juxtaposition between high society art markets and the local sex worker community.

85 International Galleries

Cultural Sponsors

  • Vitra Museum

  • Credit Suisse Bank

  • Urban Nation

  • Whitewall

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