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SCOPE Basel - Holzpark

Basel, Switzerland


Role: Director of Operations, Exhibition Designer

Architect: Atelier Schuwey

SCOPE Basel Holzpark pavilion was built along the banks of the Rhine in the Klybeck District, the alternative side of Basel. Set against the industrial backdrop of the train yard and former Migrol fuel depots, the SCOPE Basel site grew from a forgotten industrial hub to anarchist wagon community, finally to the transient home of a mobile art fair surrounded by renegade art installations.  The pavilion became a catalyst for pop-up bars and restaurants built from shipping containers and wood pallets. Basel embraced the concept, fostering an innovative new program that caters to a growing community of artists, family gardens, performance venues, restaurants, bars, and more.


The most important part of this project was to exist in the ephemeral not to take away from the surrounding community but rather enhance the experience during Art Week in Basel. The modular construction of the SCOPE Pavilion allowed for flexibility and quick assembly/disassembly, maintaining continuity of the concept onsite throughout the year. SCOPE solidified its position as the showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. 

75 International Galleries

Cultural Sponsors

  • Vitra Museum

  • Lavazza

  • Juxtapoz

  • Shiftmode

  • Credit Suisse Bank

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