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Miami Beach, Florida

Role: Director of Operation | Exhibition Designer

SCOPE Miami during Art Basel is an iconic yet flexible designed art fair, an annual event that draws international audiences to South Beach Miami. The design is a case study in innovative approaches to project constraints. The project required a quick turnaround for concept development and construction within a tight budget. These constraints are integral to the final design. Working with the limited vocabulary of a prefabricated rental structure provoked inventiveness in design. The design introduces a large atrium to address the fair’s high density of content. The atrium is used as a palate cleanser and a moment of rest to celebrate the framed views of the ocean. 

The week-long event is an experiment in ephemeral placemaking: a flexible and open space for contemporary art in a natural context. Collecting art entails a constant series of choices, where successive decisions lead to new connections and insights. How do you create relationships in a continually expanding universe? Galleries are situated in the floor plan with a deep understanding of the layout’s overall tone and the visual experience they create with their surroundings. The expansive tent structure on scaffolding provides a low impact foundation, re-establishing a connection to the landscape. As South Beach is a national park, it is crucial to preserve the natural environment that the structure is built on. The modularity of the tent along with its lightweight tent fabric allows for quick assembly, disassembly, and annual reconfiguration of the pavilion.

120 International Galleries

Cultural Sponsors

  • Perez Art Museum 

  • VH1 / Viacom

  • Heineken

  • Lavazza

  • Bombay Sapphire 

  • Juxtapoz

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