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SCOPE New York

Manhattan, New York

Role: Director of Operations | Exhibition Designer

The main challenge was to create an exhibition space that feels as light as possible given the amount and scale of the works, simultaneously navigating through the venue’s existing conditions. With that in mind, we wanted to blend the gallery spaces and circulation paths to frame the more intimate works together and offer the larger pieces, more wall space. It was important for the design of the exhibition to create layered visual art experiences, cutting diagonal circulation paths through a typically grid gallery format. These cuts through the space also offered pockets of spatial opportunities for sponsors and curated installations. Columns in venues usually are a headache, but the layouts for SCOPE New York tried to create a playful gesture of dancing around columns in the aisle and maximizing wall space in galleries. 

60 International Galleries

Cultural Sponsors

  • Lavazza

  • Bombay Sapphire 

  • Juxtapoz

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